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Punishing inmate families
The TIME published on September 30th yet another story about inmate families being ripped off "Meet the ...
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Why Should We Look Up To Scandinavian Prison Model?
There is a very interesting article in The Atlantic that we came across and were amazed with the fact presented. The comparison made between Scandinav ...
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Parents in Prison
Reading articles from our BUZZ SECTION you have realized that we at PRISON CALL DEALS write a lot about the impact of communication wi ...
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Happy Positive Thinking Day!
Today is all about attitude, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! But this is just a reminder of how we should approach life all 365 days a year, because the power of positive thinking is absolutely astounding.   Medical research confirms that a positive attitude works wonders at fightin ...
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Another class action against big telco ripping off inmate families
On September 8, 2014 GTL lost its bid to dismiss a putative class action over its rates in Newark federal court, as reported in the article "Read More ... one response
Communication and recidivism
Today we're talking about communication and recidivism, and featuring an article about the Northampton County Prison substance abuse program. According to an article by Tom Shortell, Read More ... one response
Emails for inmates
We just read a good article in The Independent, by Tracy Overstreet, about how Read More ... no responses
Why states shouldn’t profit from prison phone calls
Why states shouldn't profit from prison phone calls, i.e. the commission system? Because the revenue that large telcos generate and then give, as commission, to the state, comes from prisoners’ families who accept collect calls, pay for calls from their prepaid accounts or send money to their inca ...
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Debate over jail phone call prices
Here's a great article about the debate over jail phone call prices, in Orange County, which explains that the prices have ...
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