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Does publicity help inmates get fair treatment for communication?

On June 26, 2014 the New York Times published a great article about the incredibly high and unjust prison phone and money transfer rates for inmates.

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Keeping in touch with an inmate is so difficult and limited.
We’ve been keeping in touch with friends in different prisons around the country and most of them have a 15 minute limit for calls - and the time just flies. It seems that much can be said in 15 minutes, but actually it’s just not enough for a good conversation, especially since it’s not every ...
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Welcome to Prison Call Deals!

We started this service to help you get informed about how to connect with your loved one in prison for the best possible price. We know talking to an inmate is very expensive, and it adds a huge burden to an already stressful life. Phone companies not only charge outrageously high rate ...

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