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Please help families stay in touch with loved ones in prison
If you liked our post yesterday about the silent victims of high prison phone charges, and are interested in reading more about this very important i ...
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Keeping in touch with an inmate is so difficult and limited.
We’ve been keeping in touch with friends in different prisons around the country and most of them have a 15 minute limit for calls - and the time just flies. It seems that much can be said in 15 minutes, but actually it’s just not enough for a good conversation, especially since it’s not every ...
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How many phone calls do prisoners get?
If you’ve seen enough movies, you surely know that every prisoner gets their ONE phone call. But is that how it works in reality? Not really, because that ONE phone call is actually the FIRST phone call to find immediate help for one’s situation. But during the inmate’s time in any type of pri ...
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