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When There is an Idea, There is a Way!
Did you know that the United States imprisons a higher percentage of its people than any other country in the world? Also, statistics shows that people of color are imprisoned at over ten times the rate of white people.   ...
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Cutting high prison phone rates can reduce reoffender rates
We at PRISON CALL DEALS enjoy reading publications about prison and related issues - we like to keep up with interesting stories, and a range of opinions.   One of our favorite publications is Read More ... one response
Inmate rehabilitation in Italy
We've been writing about inmate rehabilitation and reentry programs here in the US, but we thought we'd start looking at inmate rehabilitation programs in other countries.   We recently read a┬ávery interesting example in the Read More ... no responses
Inmate parents and their children
It's Sunday today - a day that usually children spend with their parents, playing, laughing and enjoying the family get-together. Unfortunately, for many children, Sunday can be a sad day - if they have parents who are in prison. The same goes for parents who are in prison. Talking on the phon ...
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