Tag: Inmate rights

Preventing the Public From Looking In
When we discover an article with a different perspective on the life of inmates, we from PRISON CALL DEALS feel obliged to share it with our readers, because it is very important to have a realistic view on this subject. A ...
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Punishing inmate families
The TIME published on September 30th yet another story about inmate families being ripped off "Meet the ...
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Why Should We Look Up To Scandinavian Prison Model?
There is a very interesting article in The Atlantic that we came across and were amazed with the fact presented. The comparison made between Scandinav ...
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Happy Positive Thinking Day!
Today is all about attitude, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! But this is just a reminder of how we should approach life all 365 days a year, because the power of positive thinking is absolutely astounding.   Medical research confirms that a positive attitude works wonders at fightin ...
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Native American religious freedom in prison
If you liked yesterday's post about the problems indigenous people face in prison in the US, you can read more about Native Americans and their right to practice religion in prison:   Read More ... no responses
Indigenous people as inmates
In honor of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, we are highlighting the problems of Native peoples in US prisons.   As stated by Cultural Surival - an organizatio ...
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