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Cutting high prison phone rates can reduce reoffender rates
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Parents in Prison
Reading articles from our BUZZ SECTION you have realized that we at PRISON CALL DEALS write a lot about the impact of communication wi ...
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Why states shouldn’t profit from prison phone calls
Why states shouldn't profit from prison phone calls, i.e. the commission system? Because the revenue that large telcos generate and then give, as commission, to the state, comes from prisoners’ families who accept collect calls, pay for calls from their prepaid accounts or send money to their inca ...
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Inmate parents and their children
It's Sunday today - a day that usually children spend with their parents, playing, laughing and enjoying the family get-together. Unfortunately, for many children, Sunday can be a sad day - if they have parents who are in prison. The same goes for parents who are in prison. Talking on the phon ...
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