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Did you know that the United States imprisons a higher percentage of its people than any other country in the world? Also, statistics shows that people of color are imprisoned at over ten times the rate of white people.



Did you know that, currently, nearly seven out of ten prisoners released back into the community return to prison within three years? The only effective way to reduce this horrifying data is to allow former prisoners a chance for post-secondary education.



One of the organizations that we from PRISON CALL DEALS consider to be a shining example of best practice in the battle against recidivism is the University Beyond Bars (UBB). Founded in 2005, this program started offering college instruction at Washington State Reformatory after the legislature prohibited public funding of prison college programs in 1995.



Today, the UBB offers higher education and enrichment programs to over 160 prisoners at Washington State Reformatory and the Minimum Security Unit, both at Monroe Correctional Complex.


8.10.2014, UBB

Inmate students show their newly earned A.A. degrees and college credit certificates at the 2009 University Beyond Bars graduation.



We are impressed with people who are providing higher education to inmates in order to salvage the wasted potential. This is the best way to transform them into productive, contributing citizens. They actually work to create a cooperative learning community inside Washington State prisons where all experience is valued and the benefits of higher education are made available to all who desire them.



Their vision to replace incarceration with education and build a society where all people are given the chance to transform themselves and their communities is in the line with our mission to fight against recidivism and help inmate family members enhance the quality of life of their loved ones.



If you have a loved one in any of  Washington State prisons, please encourage them to enter this program. Also, don’t forget that sharing is caring so spread the word about this amazing chance on social media in order to create a positive buzz as this program deserves it!

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