Posted by on October 9, 2014

A Unique Education Program in Alabama Prison
By now, if you regularly follow the stories that we publish in the PRISON CALL DEALS Buzz section, you all know how much we love writing about positive and life changing examples of inmate life.   We also feel very strongly about topics concerning prices that big companies unfairly create and therefore make it even more […]
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Posted by on October 6, 2014

Cutting high prison phone rates can reduce reoffender rates
We at PRISON CALL DEALS enjoy reading publications about prison and related issues – we like to keep up with interesting stories, and a range of opinions.   One of our favorite publications is Vice News. A few days ago they ran a great story about the importance of communication for reentry and reducing recidivism, […]
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Nursery for children of female inmates in Dubai
We at PRISON CALL DEALS are passionate about bringing positive stories related to prison experiences. We often write about international examples that could provide ideas for prisons in the US. Here is another positive story from abroad – from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.   The Punitive and Correctional Establishments of Dubai Police are building […]
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Posted by on October 3, 2014

Punishing inmate families
The TIME published on September 30th yet another story about inmate families being ripped off “Meet the bankers who profit from the inmates.”   We at PRISON CALL DEALS are always sad to see such stories, but at the same time it’s encouraging that there is publicity and media coverage of this problem – we […]
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Posted by on October 2, 2014

The right to make affordable calls
Great news everybody! We from PRISON CALL DEALS strongly support the fact that Federal Communications Commission wants to see new rules to limit fees that prisoners are charged for making phone calls and give them and their families the right to make affordable calls.     A year after issuing caps on rates for interstate calls, […]
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Posted by on September 29, 2014

Why Should We Look Up To Scandinavian Prison Model?
There is a very interesting article in The Atlantic that we came across and were amazed with the fact presented. The comparison made between Scandinavian and American prisons immediately inspired us to write about it in our PRISON CALL DEALS Buzz section.   Did you know that in Finland there are a lot of ‘open’ […]
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Posted by on September 23, 2014

Parents in Prison
Reading articles from our BUZZ SECTION you have realized that we at PRISON CALL DEALS write a lot about the impact of communication with inmates on family. Since having a parent in prison can be extremely difficult for children, authors of Sesame Street created a heart-breaking video – from a child’s perspective.   By handling this difficult and stressful […]
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Posted by on September 18, 2014

There is Something Good in Every Bad Situation!
Every member of the PRISON CALL DEALS team believes in that there is something good in every bad situation. Our fate gets stronger day by day as we discover some of the amazing stories about inmates that discovered true meaning in their lives and became a useful part of the society while serving their sentences. […]
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Prison as a tourist attraction
We at Prison Call Deals thought we would bring you a “lighter” story about prison today – from Fox News about the prison that served as the filming location for “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994) that was turned into tourist attraction as it escaped demolition.   This giant building of Ohio State Reformatory, built in 1886, had 80.000 visitors […]
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Posted by on September 13, 2014

Happy Positive Thinking Day!
Today is all about attitude, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! But this is just a reminder of how we should approach life all 365 days a year, because the power of positive thinking is absolutely astounding.   Medical research confirms that a positive attitude works wonders at fighting disease and ailments, from the common cold to cancer. […]
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