A Unique Education Program in Alabama Prison

By now, if you regularly follow the stories that we publish in the PRISON CALL DEALS Buzz section, you all know how much we love writing about positive and life changing examples of inmate life.


We also feel very strongly about topics concerning prices that big companies unfairly create and therefore make it even more difficult to stay in touch with your loved one as much as you would like.


While still fighting our online battle and spreading our e-voice about costs of talking to your loved ones, we bring you the story that we found on NPR .


The story begins in a small classroom in Alabama’s Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women. This facility is running at almost double capacity partly because people are locked up at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world, and some of the country’s most overcrowded prisons are in Alabama.



8.10.2014, Alabama Prison Edu Program 1

Overcrowded Alabama State Prison



Despite the overcrowded conditions, inmates have an opportunity to enter General Education Development (GEDs) and learn skills that could be useful upon release. Sounds great, right? Well, it is, because this program has been made in order to ease overcrowding problems. But, unfortunately, it’s threatened by budget cuts.



8.10.2014, Alabama Prison Edu Program

Inmates taking classes for GEDs.



As stated in the article “Budget Cuts Threaten A Unique Alabama Prison Education Program“, another problem is that there are only two people teaching courses at Tutwiler. The prison is built to house 400 inmates, although it now holds roughly 700.


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